Vicodin Addiction and Abuse

Vicodin addiction and abuse is a common repercussion of painkiller abuse. Vicodin addiction and abuse stems from misuse of the painkiller that results in a powerful disease called addiction and effects millions of lives throughout the United States each year.

Those who become addicted to vicodin experience severe physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms if they ever try and go off the drug even for a couple of days. Because of these withdrawal symptoms like vomiting, nausea, headaches, trouble sleeping, anxiety and more, the drug user continues using the drug, thus making the drug addiction even worse. Unfortunately the amount of individuals addicted to painkillers like vicodin is on the rise among both teens and adults across the country. Terrible repercussions like respiratory failure and even death can result from improper and illegal drug use. Learning about vicodin addiction and abuse and how to prevent and treat this addiction is a good place to start for those who think they might have an addiction to vicodin, or have a loved one that is abusing the drug. Keep reading to learn more.

Vicodin Addiction and Abuse:

Vicodin addiction is likely to occur mostly when those who improperly use their Vicodin prescription for long-term pain management or injury slowly become addicted to the drug. Others will use the drugs even without a prescription to achieve the high they can get from the opioids in the drugs. This is a dangerous drug addiction even if people think that doing and abusing prescription drugs is not as bad as doing illegal street drugs like meth or heroin. Vicodin can have similar brain-altering changes that can cause mental, physical and emotional damage. The drug addiction with Vicodin can cause problems with the drug users' personal relationships, their jobs, school and other responsibilities. Because the drug user is so focused on getting the money for the drugs and doing the drugs to even function normally in a day-to-day setting once they become addicted, it is all downhill from there. They will begin telling lies, refusing to show up for work, spending money on drugs that they should be spending on important bills. Not only can a vicodin addiction and drug abuse tear apart your family and friendships and jobs, it can also tear you apart physically because the problems that the chemicals have on a person's brain and respiratory system.

Vicodin Addiction Treatment:

Fortunately there are options for those with vicodin addiction including drug rehabilitation and therapy. To go off a painkiller drug that contains opioids, it is important to do so slowly to avoid having to deal with the severity of the withdrawal symptoms that can actually kill you if they are too severe and cause problems with the person's heart or dehydration. It is important to recognize that long-term drug use also carries its amount of problems that can hurt you for the rest of your life both mentally and physically, not to mention having a tornado-effect on your life, relationships and career. To get help with your addiction be sure to start with your doctor or health care professional especially if they are the ones that gave you the prescription in the first place. There are also rehabilitation centers that use drugs to help you wean off the addiction and use therapy to help you get over the physical and emotional effects of the drug. Be sure and find one of these drug rehab centers locally to you or look into staying in a center full-time until you've completed the entire course of treatment. This is one of the best ways to beat a vicodin addiction.


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