Oxycodone and Hydrocodone Addiction - Pure Hydrocodone?

In light of the increasingly common oxycodone and hydrocodone addiction, drug companies are currently working on developing a pure hydrocodone, which is meant to be a more effective way to treat pain after surgery or injury. However the pure hydrocodone could create more troubles with drug addiction.

There are several pros and cons to the new release of this pure hydrocodone. While many researchers and the drug manufacturers intend to release a more effective and pure from of the hydrocodone to the benefit of those suffering from chronic pain after surgery or injury, doctors and other members of the health care industry are more concerned that pure hydrocodone will present a new wave of abuse for prescription drug users and those who might turn to pain killer abuse in the future. 

Oxycodone and hydrocodone are used to treat severe pain, and unfortunately carry a low tolerance rate, which means it is easy for many of the patients prescribed the painkillers to become addicted. Many who are not prescribed the medication know how to get their hands on the painkillers to abuse illegally to get high. Many critics to the development of pure hydrocodone are concerned that this new drug - one of which is called Zohydro - is going to be quickly abused by prescription drug abusers. Zohydro works like a time-release drug that is designed for managing moderate to severe levels of pain. However, abusers could easily crush the drug to release an immediate high. Many members of the National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse and other members of the medical community are concerned that Zohydro, and other pure hydrocodone drugs like it, are going to be quickly abused similar to the street and illegal usage of OxyContin. These critics often feel that Zohydro and similar drugs will ultimately do more harm than goon the market. 

Since OxyContin was released on the market as a way to provide pain management, it has quickly become a quick way for painkiller abusers to get high. Because these abusers realized they could defeat the time-release option by crushing the pills, the drug also became quickly addictive. However, the Purdue Pharma changed the formula of the OxyContin drug to make it more tamper resistant. However, the addicts continue to use the generic oxycodone drugs that they can still use despite the time release feature to get high. According to recent statistics from the Drug Enforcement Administration, oxycodone is the most abused medicine in the United States followed by hydrocodone in second place. 

Despite the risks that are associated with pain killer abuse and the new pure hydrocodone, the drug will be more effective in treating those individuals that need to be prescribed the drug for pain management due to injury or post surgery. Drug manufacturers hope to see the drug work quickly and effectively to prevent those who are prescribed the drug from being a high risk in becoming addicted to the drug. However, those struggling to fight against painkiller abuse are not so convinced that pure hydrocodone is going to be work the risk. Many of these organizations and individuals believe that the drug manufacturing companies are simply out to continue to reap in the profits and benefits to their own company by developing this pure hydrocodone product. 

However, the drug companies and pharmaceutical firms are optimistic about giving doctors and health care professionals a new method of drugs to try on their patients since some of the most effective ways to manage pain is the try various tools on the patient depending on the patient and their pain symptoms. 

Other benefits of the pure hydrocodone drug include avoiding liver problems and complications in the patients that take the drug. Patients will also likely be more supervised because of the restrictions on pure hydrocodone by law. In fact, the patient will have to return to their doctors each time they wish to get a prescription refill instead of simply being able to call in for a refill. The drug companies looking to get the pure hydrocodone are expecting to see the drug on the market by early 2013. 

Sources: tennessean.com

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